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“Ask Cathy” Column: August 2016

“Ask Cathy… An Open Dialogue with a Mother and Special Needs Architect” 
Q: I’d like to repaint my daughter’s room. Can you explain how colors impact a child on the autism spectrum?

A: Science has shown that colors have an impact on mood, and color has a long history of therapeutic use (Withrow, 2004). Generally speaking, bright colors are exciting, and soft colors are calming. However, the effect of particular colors on ASD children can vary, and trial and error with multiple colors may be necessary to determine the color that is right for any individual child. In general: RED stimulates the mind, increases circulation and appetite, BLUE is calming, reduces blood pressure, BRIGHT YELLOW reflects light, can overstimulate, PALE YELLOW is calming, GREEN is soothing, associated with nature and creativity, LIGHT PINK or rose is soothing.

Research has shown that some ASD children ….

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