“Purposeful Architecture” Featured in Albemarle Magazine

Purposeful Architecture – Designing living and learning environments for adults and children with disabilities

By Cathy Purple Cherry, featured in Albemarle Magazine’s October/November 2017 issue

The name “ Purposeful Architecture” was selected for the specific body of work within my architecture firm, Purple Cherry Architects, dedicated to positively impact living and learning environments for adults and children with disabilities. In this work, I serve as a special needs architect consulting with teams across the country to positively influence the built environment that supports individuals with special needs and the staff that serve them. For me, this work has a very specific purpose. Thus, the name. My “Purposeful” heart extends to my other non-profit work as well. I am dedicated to helping nonprofits and have found the design and building process to be very intimate with these groups. The employees who serve our children with special needs and nonprofits are most often passionate for their organization’s cause. It is this passion that feeds my soul. As a design architect, I have found that there is an intimate connection between design and relationships with clients. This intimacy exists in both my “purposeful” work and in my high-end residential work.

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