Purposeful Architecture Part of Award Winning Project


December 19, 2018 – Purposeful Architecture—a studio within Purple Cherry Architects, that designs facilities for individuals with special needs—is pleased to announce that it teamed with Cho Benn Holback + Associates on the Pilot School project in Wilmington, Delaware that was awarded an Excellence in Design Award by AIA Maryland. The AIA Maryland Excellence in Design Award celebrates architects, building owners, contractors, and students for their outstanding achievements in architectural design and who work together to improve the built environment as well as for their role in shaping the quality of life through design excellence. Project photos are available upon request.

Pilot School Project Details
Purposeful Architecture provided special needs design architectural services, hired by the owner and worked with Cho Benn Holback & Associates, ….

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“Funding and Services” Featured in Albemarle Magazine

A Broadstroke Overview of Funding and Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities from Birth to Death
By Cathy Purple Cherry, featured in Albemarle Magazine’s October/November 2017 issue 

During the journey of raising a child with special needs, it is unusual for parents to only understand a small segment of the services available to their child and family. It is also not unusual for the groups providing services to only understand a different segment of services. Very few truly know the full picture of supporting a child with disabilities through life, who to approach and where the funding comes from. The purpose of this article is to provide a broad stroke fundamental overview of this journey. This is not specific to Virginia but rather to be an overview of how states may implement ….

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Press Release: Rock Creek School

Annapolis, MD/September 26, 2017 –  Purposeful Architecture™—a nationally  recognized Special Needs Design Architect Firm—is pleased to announce that it has been selected to lead special needs design efforts for the Rock Creek School Replacement in the Frederick County Public School (FCPS) system, and is teaming as a consultant with local architects Proffitt & Associates and Becker Morgan Group.

Rock Creek School, currently located at 191 Waverley Drive in Frederick City, opened in 1972 as a special education day school and  provides individualized special education programs for Frederick County students with severe intellectual, physical, emotional, hearing, visual and learning disabilities, from age 3 through the school year they reach 21, by offering a  life-skills curriculum with emphasis on functional academic skills, social skills training, community-based instruction, personal management and communication skills. While ….

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Kindergarten Classrooms

The welcoming classroom — what is it, and why is it so important for our kindergarten children?

A welcoming classroom is intended to create a sense of politeness and approachability for a young child, to make the child feel internally warm and safe, comfortable and happy. Doesn’t each of us want this for our own children? There is a trend of moving away from the institutional settings that older classrooms present and towards the desire to provide a nurturing environment for our younger children to learn. This is most especially important for our kindergarten-aged children during their first year of school.

For kindergarten teachers to create a welcoming atmosphere for their students, they would provide individual spaces within the classroom for various intimate activities that would allow the children to interact ….

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